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And now it’s Epic Inter!


Epic Inter

Inter consolidate its primate in the league thanks to the victory against Udinese.
It’s important to highlight the return of Mauro Icardi, who put the team ahead in the first half and found the doubling in the second half.
Stevan Jovetic returned to score after months silencing the first journalistic critics against him, but the sweeter note is Brozovic’goal which ended a perfect evening for nerazzurri.

EPIC INTER!- Internazionale confirm its cynicism which allowed the team to exploit the defensive errors of the home team. The group is aware of its solidity which signed a new way of approaching the match with more concreteness and concentration. Everything is facilitated by the harmony of the group who believe in Mancini’s project. He asked them for sacrificing each other for achieving the same goal.At first we seemed to be an outsider for the final title, but the growth of the teamwork changed all the hierarchies.

MONTOYA, YOU NEVER GAVE UP- Mancini deployed surprising everyone Montoya after a long period of inactivity. The fullback provided a good performance which satisfied Mancini who probably is going to give him other possibility to be protagonist of the current season. Will the society confirm him during the following session? Everything suggests that Mancini would prefer his stay, in fact he has recently declared: “I hope that Montoya would continue to stay here, he had a lots of patience and I’m aware that it was difficult for him because he has been training every day.”

JOVETIC’S PRESS CONFERENCE- At the end, Jovetic declared: ” I played a lots of time here with Fiorentina, so I’m very happy to have won here. Both me and Mauro have scored, I think that we can be a good couple and we will be able to demonstrate it during the training and the league. We didn’t play together many times, but we played for the same goal… so if I score 15 and he 20 I will be very satisfied.

Our restart on the right track

Inter-Genoa Ljajic
Inter-Genoa Ljajic

Inter-Genoa Ljajic

Internazionale restart its amazing way in the league.
Roberto Mancini deployed an offensive line-up thanks which the team was able to create more offensive actions than others match. Inter-Genoa ended 1-0 and after Napoli’s defeat against Bologna, nerazzurri achieve the top with 33 points.
The running continues with an awareness which grew up thanks to the defeat against Napoli that convinced the team of its qualities.
The match winner was Adem Ljajic who put Internazionale ahead with a free kick in the 14th minute of the second half. The player seems to be the symbol of this season through the continuity of his performances that he’s giving to the team. He also has a particular affinity with Jovetic obtaining a greater unpredictability in attack. In fact, this situation points out the limits of Mauro Icardi, who was excluded from the game after his not brilliant performances last week.
The defence can be consider the stronger department of the team thanks to Murillo and Miranda who were able to block the opponent’s actions giving security to the midfield and the attack-zone. Internazionale seem to have found the solidity of the great glories, remembering that football team achieve great results in the league if the foundation of the group are very solid.
Roberto Mancini, satisfied declared: ” We are happy to have won 1-0. Genoa are a difficult team to encounter. We made a good performance. We are proud of Ljajic, he is working very well. Our four strikers in the first time didn’t give a point of reference. They could score at least two goal.
The team is also aware that we need Icardi’scores, but sometimes he could stay on the beck like any players. “

The defeat which signs awareness


Inter-Napoli can be consider the paradox of football. The team lost, but it found out more awareness in the pitch. After the sending of Internazionale has been able to put in difficulty the Neapolitan team after a not brilliant first time.
It’s as if all the adversity of the match have been transformed in a competitive force which points out a lots of qualities of the group.
In fact, the last minutes highlighted a form of pride which disappeared years ago.
In the final seconds of the match Jovetic and Miranda hit two poles during the recovery time.

It’s evident that one of the best players of the game was Adem Ljajic who scored the goal which kindles hope, but tried also to create actions for himself and above all for his companions. In the mixed, he said during the press conference: ” I think that the lost against Napoli can be consider an advantage thanks to the way in which we have played today. It could give us force and anger for the next game.
The team continues its league without the scores of Mauro Icardi who continues to play shadowed, and it represents a concrete problem for the group which has to provide for the absence of the striker.
Talking of that Roberto Mancini declared:“If Mauro doesn’t work he could sit on the bench, like everyone. The group needs the help of all the strikers to defend.” These words point out that probably if the attitude of the argentine would not change, the mister will try to find a new adjustment for the official line-up.

F. C. Internazionale is abundant… and now?

Inter-Frosinone Biabiany

In the thirteenth journey arrived one of the most important sign of the season because the team managed to win with four scores against Frosinone.
Internazionale was always criticized for the way in which imposed its game, but in this match it sent an important message to all the team.
Between the news it’s necessary to point out Biabiany’s score: the young talent after the physical problems found himself and his role in the group. So, Roberto Mancini is aware that the french striker can make the difference during the match and also being the first choice.
Mauro Icardi found again the score after a long period, and Murillo signed his first goal with nerazzurri thanks to Jovetic’s assist.

At the end, in the mixed, the defender declared: “I’m a person who always works to achieve the best and for this reason when I arrived my goal was to work and to improve. The results confirm our force and I’m very happy to be here. I think that make a score in this stadium is an immense joy. Guarin helped me in this period but I have a good relationship with everyone.

The match ended with the score of Marcelo Brozovic which confirmed that he has to be deployed.
It’s important to highlight the perfomance of Ljajic who was fundamental to achieve this result thanks to his three assist, but in particular his physical condition allowed him to be more present in the construction of the actions.
Next Monday Internazionale will play against Napoli and it will be the clash for the top of the league.

Another victory, other controversies, but the road is the right one!


F. C. Internazionale continues to be criticized for its difficult to move the game, but in the meantime put other three points thanks to Kondogbia’s score.

At the end of the game Roberto Mancini declared: ” My team is a solid group which fights and works. We have to improve in different aspects, but being at the top of the league after twelve games isn’t easy. Torino is a difficult team to meet because they don’t give to the opponents the possibility to play.”

In fact one of the characteristics which points out Internazionale is the cynicism that accompanies its victories. The group doesn’t provide good performances, but it takes advantages from the best moment to hit. Journalists criticized during these days the continuos results one-nil. In realty these scores hide a defensive force which allows the team to control the pressing during the match; it’s not a weakness, but an identifying mark of the group during this season.
What strikes it’s Mauro Icardi‘s situation, because the striker seems to have lost his identity in the group. He doesn’t participate to the maneuver of attack and unlikely he tries to press in the midfield zone. It seems that he lost also his leadership ( although the captain role ) thanks to the arrival of different players ( like Jovetic and Felipe Melo ) who highlighted an important form of leadership in the team moving away the authority of the captain.
In fact, in the second half, the mister decided to make a change probably because of Maxi Lopez entry, who is known for the events connected whit Icardi.

Roberto Mancini is aware that the team has to improve, but after twelve days Internazionale found the top of the league and he is also aware that Inter is concretely fighting for important goals in during this season.